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Five reasons why Latisse is the best option for growing eyelashes

Yes there are alternatives to Latisse but Latisse is still the best product available to grow your eyelashes

These methods can be used to complement Latisse alternative products to create healthier lashes.

Latisse is a new FDA-approved solution that actually helps your very own eyelashes grow longer, thicker, and darker. This innovative new treatment method can provide those who suffer from hypotrichosis with an effective solution. Hypotrichosis is the clinical name for having thin or sparse eyelashes. Latisse contains a 0.03% bimatoprost ophthalmic solution. The best reasons for using Latisse are outlined below.

  1. Latisse has been clinically tested and proven to work, showing results in as little as four weeks. The optimal timeframe to experience the maximum growth level is at 16 weeks of use. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) reviewed the results of the trials before approving the treatment.
  2. Your doctor will be guiding you as you go through the program. It is always good to get a doctor’s opinion and advice on a product you are using on such a sensitive area of your anatomy. Your doctor will specifically evaluate your condition before treatment to ensure that the use of this best Latisse product is going to be suitable for you.
  3. The applicators you will administer the solution with to your upper eyelids are sterile tools that have been approved by the FDA. You use one to apply a drop to each upper eyelid and discard it. Use another completely new and sterile applicator to do the same for the other eyelid. This treatment program has been designed to keep any possible contamination (from any dirt or excess oils) reaching from one eye to the other. Both eyelids should be completed washed, all make-up removed, and dried before applying this best Latisse solution.
  4. Side effects are expected to be minimal with the possibility of an itching sensation lasting a few days after beginning the treatment. Itching and redness were reported in only four percent of the patients who participated in the clinical trials. Other potential side effects were rare and included the possibility of the skin where the solution was applied darkening a little, but it was reported that this situation reversed itself after discontinuing usage of the product.
  5. Latisse is a wonderful option of hope for those individuals who never thought they would ever be able to experience long, thick, strong eyelashes that belonged to them. Successfully using Latisse to grow your own eyelashes means never, ever gain having to glue false eyelashes on!

Latisse offers a realm of hope for those afflicted with thin and narrow eyelashes. This solution can help your own eyelashes grow thick, dark, and lush beyond your wildest expectations.